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Research Issue

"The influence of microbial metabolic processes on the material integrity in boreholes"

Molecular biological and chemical analyzes

The research activities of the sub project 3 focus on the interaction between technical installations in a subsurface hydrogen storage (porous reservoirs) and the natural structures. This leads to fundamental knowledge about the complex interaction between the materials used for plant installation and well completion with the reservoir rock, the fluids and the microbial biocenosis. In lab experiments, we test different conditions with respect to temperature, pressure and salinity to expand the knowledge in the interaction between microbes and drilling fluids, the casing, the cementation and various installations. A fundamental aim is to evaluate the effects of microbial metabolic processes on the wellbore integrity and corrosion at underground and above-ground installations.

(A) High pressure vessels and (B) pressure less glass bottles for the incubation of rock material and fluid with different working materials, (C) SEM image of biofilm-like structures at the surface of rock material, (D) Comparative genetic fingerprinting analyses based on bacterial 16S rRNA in fluids from long-term experiments.