HyINTEGER subprojects

Subproject 1 - Dr. D. Pudlo, Dr. S. Henkel, Prof. Dr. C. Heubeck

  • project coordination
  • chemical and mineralogical analysis
  • hydrogen and carbon dioxid laboratory experiments under reservoir conditions
  • fluid flow simulations with high resolution computer tomography models

Subproject 2 - Prof. Dr. L. Ganzer, Dr.-Ing. V. Reitenbach

  • petrophysical analysis (porosity, permeability, SCAL-measurements)
  • hydrogen laboratory experiments under reservoir conditions

Subproject 3 - Prof. Dr.-Ing. H. Würdemann, Dr. S. Lerm

  • microbiological analysis
  • hydrogen and carbon dioxide laboratory experiments

Subproject 4 - Prof. Dr. L. Ganzer, B. Hagemann

  • numerical modeling in near bore hole areas

Subproject 5 - Dr. F. Enzmann

  • microtomographic quantifications and reactively simulations